"In my experience, Clearer Audio cables are always impeccably built; up with the best of the best; and deliver superlative sonics at every price point."

David Price
Editor, Hi-Fi World


"I would like to highlight that I have never previously felt the urge to comment on any previous audio product purchased as to be honest it’s not something that I feel particularly qualified to do. I’m a self certified audiophile but I’m not an audio critic and don’t pretend to know a huge range of alternative comparable equipment from which to draw meaningful conclusions. However I do know what appeals to me and this particular purchase from Clearer Audio has achieved results in my system, that go way beyond what I was expecting and yet it’s a product that you’ll rarely read about. As I have also have previously found similar comments helpful, at least in the context of ‘worth taking a closer look’ and as Clearer Audio have always delivered on price, performance and quality then I thought it’s may be time to speak up as some prospective customers out there may also find my experience helpful. 

All my equipment has been purchased with the usual due diligence and naturally with the acid test - home listening. All my equipment is served by Silver-line Power Cables and Silver-line Optimus Reference Interconnects. The speaker cables were Atlas Ichor bi-wire and although pretty decent in themselves, were clearly the weaker link in the system. The Wilson Benesch A.C.T. C60 speakers are truly magnificent in my opinion and it’s not surprising that WB use a lot of the Clearer Audio Silver-line Optimus Reference range for their shows and demos. The C60’s are also tri-wireable and as Clearer Audio had a limited quantity of an Silver-line Optimus Reference Tri-wire Speaker Cable left over from a special order, then it seemed to me that the planets had naturally aligned and I concluded that some things in life are just meant to be. However this stuff isn’t cheap. It’s fair to say that my ‘up till-now’ tolerant and understanding partner has accepted over the years the multitude of, at least to her, inexplicable upgrades, especially as some were sweetened by enjoyable day trips to Audio Destination in Tiverton, Devon where Mike and Caroline serve great coffee and provide a very welcoming atmosphere. It was from here that the Esoteric X05 SACD and G03 clock were acquired followed by the Plinius Tautoro and SB301 pre and power amps. Lovely stuff! However I simply failed to convince her that a two day trip to Essex for cables that cost the same as the family holiday was in any way reasonable and the result of any form of rational thought. Second problem - I needed 6 metre runs and I can understand why there weren’t a demo pair of that length that just happened to be lying around. So it was a case of all or nothing and I decided finally to break the golden rule and go for it without a home demo. I’m not suggesting for a minute that this is good practice but my logic was built around the fact that clearly Wilson Benesch must know a thing or two and encouraged by the great results achieved with the other Clearer Audio products I own, combined with their assurance that they would look at ‘alternatives’ for me, if I wasn’t happy, I took the plunge. I can’t begin to describe how pleased I am that I did as the results, for my ears at least, are truly remarkable. The thought of going back to the previous revision is just not conceivable. The gains in transparency and detail are beyond anything that I could have imagined. The music sounds just perfectly balanced with all the elements that make up the recording naturally assembled but individually identifiable. With every recording, old and new, new details arrive, never heard before. I feel like I’m hearing for the first time, what was originally meant to be. Not to have made the investment would have deprived the other components in the system of their opportunity to deliver their full potential, which would therefore beg the question, why not purchase them in the first instance? So it should not be surprising to hear that should some one be thinking about such a similar upgrade then my certain view would be that that this is one option well worth further consideration. For me it works and that’s the important thing. I still need to stump up the cash for the family holiday though!"

Mr. Lewis

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